Canadian artist Kainaan Riordan releases melodious new single “Visage”

May 28 23:16 2020

Born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, Kainaan Riordan is a young and talented artist who despite having spent a year homeless on the streets, continued to pursue his passion for music. He is a self-taught, passionate guitarist, and a multi-talented artist who writes, plays and records music by himself, except the drums part. Bringing a fresh new wave of Pop punk, mixed with Emo heart and Jazz, Kainaan has released his debut single “Visage”.

Having exposed to the world of punk shows and parties, the 24-year-old artist found himself drawn to its mysterious and intriguing vibe. By playing guitar, he was able to connect with his creative spirit and he describes the experience as, “a sort of existential anomaly, like the music is just flowing out on its own”. While most people would call his musical style as Indie or Alt-rock, he identifies it as emo-revival or MidWest-Emo song — a genre of punk characterized with more melodic musicianship, evocative lyrics, and often jazzy rhythms. As a huge fan of extended jazz chords and atypical progressions, Kainaan often includes captivating tempo changes in his music.

At the age of 16, Kainaan left home and lived on the streets for a year, which is when he started using his guitar skills to express his deep emotions. He spent his time on the streets, playing music for the people and then another year in a youth shelter, writing music, and trying to get back on track. Finally, he decided to leap this year and got in touch with Abstrakted Records to record and release his music. He wrote his first song “Visage” after a couple of bad breakups. The song describes how we tend to create an image of the person we’re dating and behave as if it is completely real.

Kainaan is currently working on his first EP, set to be released later this year. This EP is a collection of songs relating to the collective human experiences we face with those internal battles that we think are unique to us but in reality, are common to everyone.

Sending a message to his fans, Kainaan states, “Follow your passions, forget what people say. Confront the world and find the beautiful thing you can do. Because there is something, and when you find it you will know. The world is too filled with darkness to hide the beauty you can share. Peace, love, and lots of passion.”

Kainaan’s first single is now streaming on

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