Former Bugatti Designer to Join the HiPhi Sensorial Design Center, which could lead the fashion trend

April 08 00:06 2020

Human Horizons launches a premium all-electric smart brand, the HiPhi, it features an expressive design. In addition, the HiPhi is positioned as a premium supercar-inspired electric SUV which is targeted at the growing global high technology luxury market.

Now a famous designer has joined Human Horizons to help Human Horizon achieve its goal as soon as possible, it is Camilla Kropp.

Camilla Kropp, a former Bugatti designer, joins Human Horizons to serve as Senses Creative Chief of HiPhi Sensorial Design Center (MSDC). 

As technology is one of the key attributes of the HiPhi brand, it opens the door for the design team to leverage all senses to create a unique emotional experience.

The concept of multi-sensory design has existed for more than a decade. The HiPhi is addressing the idea of multi-sensory design as it applies to brands and products.

“Sensorial Experience” is a challenge that the HiPhi Design has set itself to stimulate shifts in perception through design and technology. The HiPhi Design will continue to further develop design-driven concepts through research and open innovation, that visualize and deliver new experiences.

The other famous designer has also joined Human Horizons

Human Horizons has focused on fashion design for a long while. Before Camilla Kropp joined Human Horizons, Human Horizons announced former BMW senior lead designer as General Manager of the HiPhi Design in 2019. Huet, a French native, brings an extensive design background of over 25 years as well as supervising the design of luxury cars under the BMW brand globally. He will report to James Shyr, Chief Design Officer and founding partner of Human Horizons, who also oversees HiPhi design.

As a former designer and design manager at the BMW Group, Huet was in charge of overall design on the BMW 1 Series 3-door and 5-door, the 4 Series Coupé, Convertible and Gran Coupé, and the BMW Zagato Coupé and Roadster as well as the BMW iNext Generation and the future sports car portfolio of the BMW Group. Huet was considered one of the luxury automaker’s leading experts on vehicle design, and he will leverage his previous experience for HiPhi and Human Horizons. Huet also presided over exterior design for numerous Buick and Chevrolet vehicles, both global and local models, during his time at GM-PATAC as Director of Exterior Design.

About Human Horizons and the HiPhi 1

A new philosophy of design language, termed “Light Sculpting” by the Human Horizons’ design team, is reflected in the HiPhi 1’s form. The unique design vision has been created with an EV architecture at its heart. The design team has been bold in moving away from the traditional vehicle proportions seen in the industry and as a result the occupant space has been maximized whilst optimizing aerodynamic efficiency.

The HiPhi 1 will include first to market features such as an innovative new door system, “NT Doors”, and a combination of programmable light projection headlights and Intelligent Signal Display (ISD). These unique features support the HiPhi’s high-tech image and also give visual brand recognition.

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