Rising tech startup achieving a sustainable connection worldwide through their advanced technologies implementation

April 08 00:03 2020
Raabta Technologies is helping businesses to reduce system and maintenance as well as scale up their business through cutting edge technology, fast IT support and sustainable ethos.

Las Condes, Santiago of Chile – April 7, 2020 – International Business can finally be fully connected and heave a sigh of relief thanks to this raising Tech Startup.

A Chile ­based Tech startup “Raabta Technologies” is contributing to large Organizations to keep their systems updated and as well creatively incorporating advanced solutions & technologies as per changing market trends and needs. Also as supporting their client businesses by drastically reducing costs in their IT systems and maintenance.

This on demand startup, Raabta Technologies, already shares partnerships with some of the most esteemed tech giants, including Google, Microsoft and Amazon AWS. Headquartered in Chile, and yet caters to clients all across the world. 

“Thanks to our dedicated team and partners, we make IT happen. Most importantly, we make IT happen fast. We support business and IT systems with the most advanced technologies that make business & organizations scale up and keep them updated as per the latest market demands. Today we live in a fast phase changing environment, and our team supports other Organizations to fully adapt and thrive in these changing phases of the socio-economic market. Our organization truly believes in a sustainable future, being Sustainability one of our core values, by incorporating Economic, Environmental, and Social needs as fundamental challenges to be solved.” – stated Andres Vicente Durandeau Lalanne, an Entrepreneur, and alumnus of the prestigious Miami University, and the man behind Raabta Technologies.

Raabta Technologies assures an astonishing premium hosting services, with a whopping 99.99 percent of uptime. The company is equipped with multiple languages and Availability Zones across all continents to guarantee a seamless connection with each client.

The ancient word ‘Raabta’ has no literal translation, however, it is often described as the feeling of having ‘True Connection’. Which Raabta Technologies stays true to their name, as they have set multiple servers in every continent to ensure the most reliable cloud connection possible for all of their clients. No matter wherever their client is located in the world, they enjoy the same high-speed connection as everywhere else. Added to 99.99% uptime and achieving (HA) and (SLA) top levels, Raabta Technologies also includes fundamental IT services, such as domain registration, member control panel, cybersecurity, and business intelligence. Another major factor that sets Raabta Technologies apart from other tech companies around it is their transparent billing system. 

The company offers a “pay­ as ­you ­use” billing system, its transparency allows each client to only pay for what they have consumed. Also, Customers have several plans to choose from as per their budget and needs. 

Raabta Technologies seems to have a prosperous future in the Tech industry. Staying true and motivated towards their vision, being able to connect the entire world, and to keep developing new sustainable technologies to keep supporting the essentials of our humanity. Being in the environmental, health, or business fields; They affront these global challenges with character to build new creative innovations, affordable, and technological solutions for our current global challenges and Sustainable Development Goals (U.N. SDGs). 

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Company Name: Raabta Technologies
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Address:Av Apoquindo 6410
City: Las Condes
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