Why Businesses Are Choosing Asphalt Over Concrete

April 01 07:57 2020
Why Businesses Are Choosing Asphalt Over Concrete
In a helpful public service announcement, Alpine Asphalt shared several reasons why businesses in Minneapolis, MN are choosing asphalt over concrete. The company stated that this trend has gained strength in the Minneapolis area in recent years.

Minneapolis, MN – March 31, 2020 – Alpine Asphalt recently shed light on a trend that has taken hold among Minneapolis businesses in recent years. The company said that local businesses are increasingly using asphalt for commercial paving projects. Alpine Asphalt shared several reasons why this is the case.

Alpine Asphalt stated that one of the main reasons that Minneapolis-area businesses are using asphalt for projects like driveway installation and parking lot resurfacing is that asphalt has been shown to hold up much better in the winter than concrete. According to Alpine Asphalt, this is a significant factor, given Minneapolis’s long and cold winters. The company shared that Minneapolis winters can cause concrete driveways and parking lots to crack due to extreme temperatures. When salt is applied in an effort to melt snow and ice, concrete is also prone to pitting. Asphalt, on the other hand, withstands salt and, because it is a dark surface, absorbs the sun’s rays to speed up snow and ice melt.

Alpine Asphalt mentioned that another factor influencing asphalt vs concrete projects in Minneapolis is that asphalt is a much smoother surface than concrete, which must be installed with seams throughout the . The company stated that a smooth surface is important to Minneapolis businesses and their customers. According to Alpine Asphalt, many Minneapolis companies are choosing to go with asphalt specifically for its smoother surface.

Alpine Asphalt also stated that asphalt’s quicker curing time is another reason that Minneapolis businesses are choosing to go with asphalt. New asphalt can be driven on in a matter of days, while concrete can take a month to cure. This shorter curing time is important to Minneapolis businesses, as it means that important areas like parking lots will be ready for use sooner. According to Alpine Asphalt, Minneapolis businesses are realizing that the curing time for asphalt tends to be much shorter than that of concrete.

Finally, Alpine Asphalt said that asphalt’s cost efficiency is a major reason for its popularity in Minneapolis. According to the company, the price of installing and maintaining an asphalt surface is at least 30% less than that of a similar-sized concrete surface. Alpine Asphalt said that many businesses in Minneapolis are choosing the affordability of asphalt over concrete.

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Founded by two avid skiers – hence the name – Alpine Asphalt is a proud Minneapolis-area company. The company specializes in installing, repairing, and replacing asphalt driveways and parking lots. Alpine Asphalt’s service area covers most of the Twin Cities area and includes Minneapolis, Edina, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Apple Valley, and Brooklyn Park. The company boasts an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, as well as positive reviews on sites such as Google Reviews, Angie’s List, and Facebook. Alpine Asphalt is 100% insured and offers a 5-year guarantee for every driveway and parking lot that it installs in the Minneapolis area.

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