What Not to do When Selling A Home

December 02 19:12 2019
What Not to do When Selling A Home

Waco has gone from a college town that was unknown to many people outside of Texas to one of the more sought after places to live. This has had some impact on the housing market in Waco, but that impact is not always positive for sellers. Instead, many people may come looking for homes that have been updated and renovated in ways that are outside of the budget of the typical first-time homeowner, wasting a seller’s time and resources. 

Do Not Sink Money Into Renovations 

Many people think that they need to put money into renovations if they want to sell their homes.  While it may be true that some renovations will offer a good return on investment, many renovations will only result in a marginal increase in the home’s eventual selling price.  Also, even if a renovation does result in a significant increase in the home’s value, sellers have to keep other cost factors in mind. Renovations take time, and usually, that means additional mortgage payments and utility costs, in addition to the actual costs of the renovation.  A homeowner has to keep those carrying costs in mind when considering renovating a home. 

Do Not Overprice the Home

Everyone wants to get top dollar when they sell their homes. However, realtors can give homeowners a realistic estimate of what the home’s selling price should be. This estimate is based on several factors, including things like the sales prices of comparable homes in the neighborhood, as well as historical sales data, tax values, and other factors. Pricing a home too high discourages people who might come look at it, and may result in having to drop the price.  As soon as potential buyers see a drop in value, they start to wonder what is wrong with the house. A website like https://www.wacofirsthomebuyers.com/ can provide an estimate of what they would pay for a home, without homeowners having to worry about losing money in realtor’s fees, renovations, or carrying costs.

Do Not Fail to Remove Personal Items

While a person is living in a home, they want it to reflect them and their family. This may mean rooms painted in favorite colors, plenty of sports memorabilia, the clutter of daily life, and family photographs everywhere. Potential buyers, on the other hand, need to be able to walk into a home and picture it as theirs. This means that a homeowner wants to make the house look neutral, while still looking inviting and homey. This can be difficult for the average seller and is one reason that people choose not to worry about staging their home and use we buy houses company, instead.  

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Waco First Home Buyers is a company that works directly with homeowners to purchase their homes. They aim to make the home selling process quick, easy, and transparent by providing homeowners with competitive no-obligation quotes to buy their homes as-is. Once homeowners factor in the savings from no renovations, no staging, and no realtor commissions, their offering prices are competitive with traditional home sale pricing.

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